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BY Todd Amnrud on Apr. 01, 2017

Choosing & Caring For Clover

Ah spring! It’s all about regeneration and anew. You have a clean slate of annual plot locations to work with for the coming year, but how will they benefit your wildlife now? If you manage your property for whitetails, turkey or upland birds, whether your goal is attraction or nutrition, a perennial clover blend should be on your “food plot menu.” By the time any newly planted annuals become edible for your wildlife you would be missing out on two very important months of antler genesis and fawn rearing. Perennials, like clovers, are an important part of a nutrition program, but can also work as the best in early hunting season attraction.

Those in the south may have a difficult time to get these plants to truly be perennial for them - the cooler, humid growing season in the north favors these legumes. However, because of the big payoff some still plant perennial clovers and treat them as annuals, letting them die off during the hot, dry summer months and replant in the fall.



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