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BY Brad Fitzpatrick on Apr. 01, 2017

Reading Whitetail Body Language

It’s said that the bulk of interpersonal communication between humans is related via body language and not spoken words, so sending the right message to others is critically important. Facial expressions, body posture, simple gestures or eye movements tell a lot without uttering a word. Likewise, animals communicate using body signals as cues to indicate fear, dominance, aggression, or sexual receptivity, and this includes whitetail deer.

Most hunters know there are certain “tells” that indicate a whitetail has busted you, but there’s a great deal more to be learned from a whitetail’s body position and movements than whether or not the deer smells a rat. Learning to read the animal’s mood will also help you know whether or not your calling is working, whether the deer is preoccupied with rutting activity and oblivious to your activity, or perhaps that you may want to hold out on the shot because something larger this way comes.

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