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GameKeepers Farming For Wildlife Magazine
Quarterly you’ll receive GameKeepers Farming for Wildlife Magazine which averages 96 pages of diverse wildlife management information from folks who take pride in their farms and have learned their lessons the hard way. GameKeepers is Mossy Oak’s flagship publication that teaches how to improve and enjoy the wildlife on your property. Available in print and digital.
GameKeepers Website
The club's official web site is located at Jump right in for a wide and deep selection of exclusive GameKeepers only content related to the specifics of good land and resource management. When your goal is enhancing wildlife – bigger bucks, more ducks, hard fighting bass, gobbling turkeys – you’ll find the reference resources and interactive help you need right here.
GameKeeper Store & Exclusive Discounts
Members also have discount codes for use in the constantly expanding GameKeepers store that offers seed, trees, fertilizers, seeders, sprayers, and a constantly growing array of accessories to help a GameKeeper not only manage his property but effectively hunt it. You’ll more than pay back your annual dues in discounts and savings because you are a GameKeeper. Use your savings to invest more back into the land. The member number automatically shows your history of purchases so you can easily remember what you planted last year.
GameKeepers Weekly E-Newsletter
The world of land management is ever changing and always interesting. New products and techniques often emerge. So the Gamekeepers Wildlife Obsession weekly e-newsletter comes directly to your email inbox, filling you in on all the topics related to good land management and keeping you up on the latest approaches, techniques and products.
GameKeeper Exclusive Limited Offers
From time to time we’ll have special seeds and seed blends that we’ll offer to the membership at field tester prices in exchange for plot performance input and information. You’ll have access to the latest and greatest is seeds.
The GameKeeper Club Pack
The club pack includes a Gamekeepers embroidered cap, Gamekeeper truck decal, and the latest issue of Gamekeepers magazine. Hat styles may vary depending on availability.
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