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BY Chris Hawley on Dec. 07, 2017

Creating Ideal Property Lines

Property lines can also double as access roads. On our property, we try to have roads that wrap around the perimeter of our place, with the main reason being these roads can provide the most efficient, low-impact travel routes to enjoy our property.

A Bonus for Borders

Additionally, they add another buffer against trespassing, as foot tracks are more visible in dirt than grass or leaves. Also, the perimeter roads can be used as fire lanes to not only prevent prescribed fires you conduct from getting out of control, but also to prevent fires from adjoining landowners causing costly damage to your property.

For in-depth details on managing your property line read “Drawing The Line”. If you are a landowner, then regardless of whether you own 80 or 10,000 acres, your property has legally defined property lines. The purpose behind property lines is simple-provide a way of knowing what is yours and what is your neighbor’s.



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