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BY Tod Amenrud on Mar. 22, 2019

Developing a Food Plot Plan


The most asked question that a habitat consultant receives is “what should I plant.” No one, single blend will attract whitetails all season long, supply what you need for optimum health and antler growth, holding whitetails on your property, helping them recoup from rut related stress or whatever your food plot goal. It depends on your management goals as to what would be the best things to plant. Since different crops become palatable at different times and all yield different amounts of food, how much acreage you’re devoting also makes a difference. Variety can be a key to just about any food plot related goal. Explore the different varieties BioLogic offers to help you decide what to plant.

Annual or Perennial?

Some think perennials are easier because you only need to plant them once. Actually, if you want your perennials to do well they require more work and “tractor time” than planting annuals each year. One should really look at it from the point of their whitetail herd and what they’re trying to accomplish - then plant towards that. Some annuals can be the most attractive offerings that we have for hunting time and annuals can also be great at other things. Explore the different annual blends to help you choose the right one for the job.

Be Prepared

Because wires sever and parts break it’s always a good idea to keep a hand seeder/broadcaster or backpack sprayer in your pickup truck just in case your tractor or ATV implement breaks. This way you can still finish the job. Carrying a smaller spare can save you an entire day if you’re far from a store or over a weekend when businesses may be closed.




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