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BY Todd Amnrud on Apr. 05, 2017

Habitat Structure for Producing and Holding More Fish

Some fish species relate to bait more than structure. But even when that’s the case, the bait they’re after usually relates to structure of some kind. So giving your fish something to relate to in the form of structure is a huge step forward to producing and holding more fish. Some try to sink trees, others try to build structures and “cribs, but why do all that work when it can be as easy as a Mossback Fish Habitat.

These easy to assemble structures can be used to enhance ponds, your favorite fishing hole or to create a fish haven at the end of your lakeshore dock. Every surface of the product is roughed or sanded to create a realistic bark-like texture. This combined with the V-shaped limbs that help to collect sediment, and algae growth takes place quickly. They also provide the option for different limb placements and configurations. Not only does a Mossback fish habitat protect and “house” your favorite game fish, it helps shelter the bait they feed on all the way down to assisting in producing the phytoplankton and zooplankton that the smaller bait species feed on.

The design of the product also makes it more “fishable” than any other option. Try retrieving a crank bait through a cedar tree. The makeup of the Mossback structures makes it so baits deflect off of the limbs - so you can place your lure exactly where the fish are hiding. These products give you your own secret fishing hot spots!


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