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BY Bobby Cole on Jul. 20, 2020

Not Your Typical Plot Protector

Sometimes you want to protect the plot and let the plants establish. Sometimes you want to protect the deer. When I heard that the bean farmer next door to my new hunting property had depredation permits and intended to shoot any of the deer he saw eating his beans, I had to do something. Our BioLogic Plot Protector has always worked for me, but this would put it to the test.

Setting Up A P2 Plot Protector:

There were 20 acres of recently planted succulent soybeans that needed to get past the four leaf stage. I strung the tape at an average height of 30 inches around the perimeter. I then mixed the Plot Protector in a bucket and soaked a rag. With a rubber gloved hand I walked the perimeter and soaked the tape. It’s a special tape and the way it works is the tape is shredded so it has many edges that the solution can dry and adhere to. It’s just like those old weave lawn chairs we all knew if you’re over forty.

So far so good. I haven’t seen a deer or any tracks in the field. I feel like if I can protect the field for 30 days the beans will be in better shape to make a crop.

A Gamekeepers work is never done.




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