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BY Todd Amenrud on Jul. 15, 2014

Technology makes Fisheries Management Easier

For many years we’ve had sonar’s, or “fish-finders” as they’re known by many. Then came underwater cameras and that was cool…but what if it were possible to view all this underwater-information on your smart phone or tablet? Ta-da!...enter Vexilar’s new Wi-Fi technology with their new Sonarphone ( and Fishphone ( Now it is possible to turn your smart phone or tablet into either a fully functional sonar, or fully functional underwater camera monitor!

Vexilar uses patented Wi-Fi signal technology to transmit to your smart phones or tablets. You don’t need cell phone coverage to use it, they will work anywhere in the world. Both, the Sonarphone and Fishphone create their own Wi-Fi hotspots and you can share your signal with as many people as you wish by simply sharing your password. The software app is downloaded for FREE from the App store and works with both Android and IOS systems. The most expensive part to either a fish-finder or underwater camera is the screen or monitor. In this case you already have both with your smart-phone or tablet.

“Please don’t compare this technology to radio frequency or Blue Tooth sonar technology.

These cannot be used by serious fisherman or boaters, as they are limited to sending small amounts of data with 1/10 the range of the Sonarphone.” Stated Tom Zenanko, Project Manager from Vexilar ( “To be clear, this is not a Wi-Fi repeater that requires you buy a fully functional sonar system and then sends just an image of the display for you to watch on your tablet. Sonarphone is a stand alone, fully functional, touch screen, high-definition sonar system that will rival any sonar display on the market at a fraction of the price. In the sonar world, little has changed in the last 30 years. The type of display offered by sonar companies has been the driving force in price. Current sonar system displays are ten years behind the display technology used every day at home and at work. Since most people on the planet already own a smart phone or touch screen tablet, you can now turn it into a truly high definition sonar system starting as low as $149.99.” Fishphone works on the same concept, but instead of a transducer you use an underwater camera that sends the signal to your device. The Fishphone also has serious relevance in game management and hunting. Maybe soon they will have the Deerphone?


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