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BY Austin Delano on May. 25, 2018

Wildlife Sweet Corn: A GameKeepers Secret

There are some crops that really make a person smile when they grow a successful field, corn is definitely one of those feel good crops. BioLogic’s Wildlife Sweet Corn is a blend of two heirloom varieties that have over a century of proven reliability. Wildlife Sweet Corn has a sugar content higher than that of new hybrids and is generally consumed earlier in the fall/winter especially when planted in areas with surrounding agricultural corn. The higher protein and nutrient content of this sweet corn is a major bonus for your wildlife. These proven open pollinated varieties of corn are non-GMO and are not glyphosate resistant. One variety used in this blend is a dwarf corn that is ideal for all wildlife because of its low ear height, especially waterfowl. The second variety is a high yielding conventional sweet corn with a taller stalk and superior heat tolerance. As a bonus, this sweet corn is awesome to take home a few ears and feed your family with!

How to Plant Wildlife Sweet Corn

Wildlife Sweet Corn needs 75-95 days of warm growing to reach maturity and maximum yield. Late April to early June for the South, early May- early June for the North. Corn should be planted at 1.5-2 inches soil depth. Planters and no-till drills are ideal for planting if available. Corn can also be broadcast planted into a well prepared seed bed. Corn seed should be covered to the suggested depth by using a drag harrow or by lightly discing in. Ideally the field can also then be cultipacked or rolled for increased seedling survival.

Controlling Weeds

Prior to planting, fields should be sprayed with a non-residual, non-selective herbicide such as glyphosate to kill any existing vegetation. Wildlife Sweet Corn is referred to as a conventional corn and is not tolerant to glyphosate post emergence. Pre-emergent herbicides such as Atrazine can be used just before planting to control and limit the weed competition through the growing season.

Fertilizing Corn

Wildlife Sweet Corn is a nitrogen loving plant and will need plenty to make a good yield. Fertilize according to a recent soil test for your phosphorous and potassium ( the last two numbers on a fertilizer bag). For nitrogen requirements, apply 200 lbs of 46-0-0 per acre. High nitrogen fertilizers should ideally be incorporated into the soil just before planting. For maximum yield, another 100lbs of nitrogen per acre can be broadcast when plants are at 

V-2 stage (when two leaves are fully emerged with collars visible - Typically 7 to 10 days after emergence).


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